Home Security Systems

Your home should be a safe and comfortable place for you and your family. But our rising residential crime rate has created many safety concerns among homeowners across the country. Crime prevention experts agree that traditional law enforcement alone is not enough. Without an effective security system your family’s safety could be compromised. Why take the risk when you don’t have to? Choose a Protector Home Security security system to protect your home and family

Commercial Fire Protection

To substantially protect your business from fire, you need a comprehensive fire protection system. Protector Security offers system design by state certified designers and installation of your new system.

Contact Protector today for a full range of solutions that we offer for protection from fire. We use only non-proprietary equipment from Silent Knight.

Camera Systems

Protector Security uses only top of the line digital surveillance systems and security cameras. Image quality is improved, less maintenance time is needed, and there are great functions, such as playback and remote viewing over the Internet.

With the use of archived information, which is stored on the hard drive, you have the potential to examine any claim that could have resulted in lawsuits. The technology is sophisticated but the systems are user friendly and provide your business with the peace of mind that you desire.

Protector iSee Video

Protector Security’s iSee Video enables you to view live video feed of your home from any web-enabled computer or cellphone. This reliable and economical system allows you to monitor video on just about anything you like.


Protector Home Security