How To Use ipFob

After Installing and Programming your Broadband Module

Now that your Umonitored Broadband Alarm Module is installed and programmed, you’re ready to learn how to use the interactive user monitoring services! To begin, you will need to locate your username and password that was included in the package we sent to you. Now visit and log in to your secure account on your computer (first time setup requires a desktop or laptop). Below you will find a video demonstrating a desktop account setup and showing you how to navigate through the features and notification settings. After you’ve configured your account online, you may now download the ipFob app from the Apple store or Android App store. See below more information and videos about how the app works and all of the awesome features!

What is ipFob?

Well, ipFob is a mobile connection to your Honeywell, Ademco, DSC PowerSeries, and GE NetworX alarm control systems. This app runs on your mobile device (smart phone or tablet) and allows you to remotely Arm / Disarm with access to other basic functions of supported controls from anywhere in the world. IpFob requires a Umonitored Broadband Module that is connected to the control system.

How does it work?

While you’re away you get updates via text, email and/or automated call, you choose how you would like to be notified during your desktop PC setup process. These updates tell you immediately when someone enters, and who it is (per their personalized code). You will also know when motion sensors are set-off and if a door or window is opened, wherever you have sensors located and programmed. You’ll also be able to arm and disarm your alarm simply by logging into your ipFob app and entering in your personal code on your phone or tablet. Simply put… your alarm monitored by U!


  • View indicators and display of Honeywell, GE NX or DSC Power Series Keypads
  • Arm/Disarm your system from anywhere with wifi access or cell network
  • Full control of keypad functions: (Home, away, instant, bypass, chime and alarm code arm/disarm additions)
  • Ability to receive alarm, supervisory, trouble and open/close (Arm/Disarm) texts, calls, or e-mail messages.
  • This ipFob application has been optimized to provide easy access to alarm keypad functionality.

SecureSmart User Guide / Android Set-Up



Set-up and Configuration Videos

How to: Setup your Umonitored Broadband Alarm Module on your PC
Before you will be able to use the ipFob App on your phone or tablet, you must first configure your desired user settings on a desktop PC or Mac. Watch the video to learn more about how the online interface works.




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